Fulgencio Lisón Gil

Assistant Professor

I am PhD. in Ecology. My research is focused in the habitat use, biodiversity, biogeography, conservation and management policies mainly in mammals and more specifically working with bats.
I am interested in the use of models, biodiversity indicators, ecomorphometry, predator-prey relations and intra-interspecific interactions.

Currently working as Assistant Professor (permanent position) in the Zoology Department of the University of Concepción, (Chile) and Lab Head of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC Lab). 

I have published many papers in international scientific journals, and also managed and participated in citizen science programs and environmental educational programs (building of bat boxes; study, conservation and restoration of Mediterranean riparian forests) and also, I have developed management and conservation plans for bats.

Also, I am Editor-Chief of Gayana Journal

For more information or for access to the free downloads, you are welcome to check other contents of my website.