Hi and welcome to my blog. I am not a “people” person who  likes to talk long and wide… I prefer a straight forward conversation, where to speak my mind, so I’d really like this space to be a forum of short communications and news, not only related to my work, but with anything that I find interesting or worth sharing. I will be posting other webs, blogs, social networks profiles of scientists that inspire me or whom I admire, interesting papers and news. I would like to start with the fantastic crew of Ecomandanga. They describe themselves as:

#PunkScience, tackling ecology and science in a practical and fun way.

They approach all types of people in an educational quest to get science to everybody, and make us discover the gem that Murcia (Spain) really is.

You can find them at ecomandanga.org  or in Twitter as @ecomandanga.

Pease, stop by!