This project came to life a few years ago, after having my daughter, and during a bat night for the little ones (because I believe that environmental education should start from the early years).

As the final act for that bat night, to help the children calm down after a few hours of games, chats, activities and adventures, I wrote a short tale about a little bat called Nyc, and which the kids loved. For a while, I went round the idea of writing some more short tales and issue them for free, to be used by schools, organizations, volunteers, or simply by anyone who is interested in, like us, teaching our children the importance of looking after our environment.

Today, those tales have become real in the form of an ebook, with illustrations by the wonderful Natalia Morillo, whom you can find on facebook  and instagram, and counting with the great help of  Ana Maria Haz Caridad at layout and  Carmela Lisón and Angeles Haz , responsible of the English version (Angeles has translated the Galician version too), as well as Llúcia Ribot Lacosta and Pablo Rodríguez Ros and Claude Fabienne Rakotondramanana responsible for the Catalan and French versions respectively